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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spells Demystified

Spells Demystified
What You Need to Know

Spells Demystified
When you are having someone do spell work for you it can get expensive.
An ethical spell caster will charge for their time.
They may charge a small fee for supplies but true spell casting supplies are not that expensive.
Cost of supplies can range depending on the supplies needed for the type of spell being cast but for the record I personally have never spent over 20.00 for supplies for any one spell.
I also do not charge my clients for my supplies as they are tax deductible.
How much should one charge for their time? That is very hard to say but here is my formula.

I do spell casting in ten night increments.
Casting usually takes about one hour per night per spell.
I charge 275.00 for ten nights of casting which includes daily email communication regarding how the spell work is progressing is included.

At the onset of the request for casting services I MUST do a read for you first, unless you are already a regular client of mine.

Spell casting is NOT a magic wand. It can not MAKE things happen that are not already possible in your path. Sometimes it is just not in your path for what you want to happen. You can do spell casting for yourself. Of course it feels good to have an experienced caster work for you or with you but in all honesty if you can take the time to learn proper casting technique it is best you do it yourself.
Many experienced casters will teach you how to cast for yourself and give you the spell they would have otherwise done for you, for a fee for their time of course. Casting for yourself infuses the spell work with your energy, and after all, this is your energy we are working with here, or the energy of someone you care about.

True casting is much like prayer, it is a ritual, it is deep focus, it is manifestation. Yes, certain words are spoken, at a certain time, in a certain way. But there is no hocus pocus or deep mystical secrets to casting.
There are some casters who protect their spells and will not share them with others but many casters do not feel the need to harbor their spells and feel good to share and encourage others to learn!
It is a matter of finding the right advisor for you to work with or work for you.
90% of my spell clients prefer I cast for them. I do not have any qualms about casting for someone as long as they are true to their path, do not do things that will impede on the progress of the casting and pay close attention to their own energy during the casting process.

It is true that often times casting does not work because the client themselves inadvertently can “mess up” the process, which is another good reason to cast for yourself! When you are doing the work for yourself you just naturally are more inclined to focus and pay attention to what you are doing, how you are acting and reacting and the changes going on in your own energy. When you are uninvolved in the process it is very easy and human nature to lack a real respect for what is going on. Involvement is very important which is why all of my casting sessions include daily email communication! It helps a client who is not casting for themselves to feel they are a part of what is going on behind the scenes and helps them remember their own accountability.

I have heard horror stories of clients paying thousands of dollars to a caster for spell work. Stories of clients being told they have had a “hex” (curse) put on them. Stories of fear that if they report their caster or fire their caster that the caster may put a hex on them and ruin all progress that may have been made!
I must stress to you that this is absurd!
First of all, any caster who would do such a thing or say or even IMPLY such a thing is already a dark energy. This means any casting they are doing for you is already doomed to failure. They may get progress in the beginning, but when someone casts for you with such dark energy everything will come back on them and you as their client. The best thing for you to do if you are being threatened or feel you may be is to get out of the situation, halt all communication with the caster, no matter what they may say and report them to the site they work for! A hex only works if you BELIEVE in it just as a spell will only work if you BELIVE in it!
If you do not have faith in the spell or your caster than nothing will work. So all you have to do if you feel you are being hexed is to refuse that energy from your life, rebuke it and reject it! Be strong and face the person who is doing this to you! If you can be strong enough TELL THEM you do NOT believe in their hexes and you do NOT believe in them! This automatically takes away all power they have over you!
Remember that you have free will and free will is stronger than any spell work, including hexes!

Threats are not the only trick though that unethical casters may use to drain your wallet!  Telling you they need “special” candles or “special” tools is a lie! Any “tools” that an experienced caster would need should be things they already have!  Special candles do not cost a fortune either! Pretty much any candle will work. Yes there are specific sizes, and colors a caster will need depending on your spell but they are not any more costly than the same candles you would purchase! The difference between your basic candle and one used in spells is that the caster consecrates them for their usage! Do not buy into a caster telling you they need a large fee just to buy products to cast your spell with! Yes there are expenses involved in casting. Yes at times I will have to run and buy a certain item to do a spell it is not unheard of but high fees for these items are unheard of!

Some of the most necessary items I use in my casting process are:
Sea Salt
Wooden Matches

The list is really much longer then this but you get the idea right? None of these items are astronomical in price!  Some of them come from my yard or are just around the house!  I think Honey is the most expensive thing I have ever purchased for spell work!

When speaking with a caster you can also ask for a break down to the items they will be using! You can ask to see the web site they need to purchase this “special” item from. Or ask them for some evidence of its cost and value!

Ask questions! It is okay to ask why a special item is needed and how it will be used! It is okay to ask for explanation of fees for service. An ethical caster will not get offended by this, will not be defensive about it and will understand your reasons for being concerned!  All of us who do casting know that there are many unethical advisors out there. We suspect if you are seeking spell work then you probably have come across a few of these money hungry people! So we do not mind answering your questions. What we do mind is being lumped in with them and having your guard up so high that no amount of spell work will help. A caster and client have to have absolute trust and work together! When approaching an advisor about casting work be prepared to let them know up front what you want from the casting.

You should have prepared the following list of things to tell them:

1. What type of casting you are wanting. If you are not sure then tell them you are not sure what kind of casting you need.

2. What you want the casting for. Is this to draw love, money, empowerment, peace in the household, etc.

3. Ask them how long they cast. From my experience a one night casting is only a bandage on a situation and consistent repeated casting gets long term results!

4. Ask them up front what kind of special tools or equipment they will need for your casting services. This is a good time to weed out the ethical from the non-ethical casters! Any non-ethical caster will take the bait and right away let you know that you need to spend 1,000 for a special candle or some other absurd thing like that!

5. Give them some background on the situation. Do not expect them to take the time nor energy to “read” you to figure it out. It is much too important that they go in educated fully on the circumstances they are working with! Holding back to test them is a bad idea for you as the client! Remember casting services are not a reading! It is a totally different type of focus and unless you are paying them for a reading it is unfair to expect them to take the time and energy to DO a reading to figure out your history! Your results in the casting will be much better when your advisor knows as much detail of the situation as possible going into doing the work.

6. Ask them their fee.
7. Ask them how many clients they do casting work for at any one time. I personally will only take on three casting clients at any one time. I do not want to spread my energy so thin that I can not do quality casting work for ALL of my clients. 
8. Ask them if they have any questions for you. This helps to open the dialogue and lets them know you are going to be a joy to work with. This will help with the bond between the two of you.

9. Ask them how long they have been casting and how they learned to cast! There is no “right” answer to this because I know many newer casters who are very gifted. However, if someone is not comfortable answering this question then that is a red flag for you right there.

10. Make sure that you and your caster agree on the plan of action, how many nights or days, if they want you in a focus with them at the time they cast. What the expectations for the outcome are. That you understand you remain focused and balanced through the process and by all means if and when things get rocky let your caster know! Holding back information from your caster then later wondering why the spell work did not work is not right. If something comes up and it is related to the casting process you need to communicate that with your caster. Many times your caster can alter the process to help with changes in the energy.

So that’s it in a nutshell! Okay a really large nutshell perhaps but there it is nonetheless.

Please if you have any questions just use the comment box below to ask!

I will respond to you right away!




  1. Hi Azz,
    Di you learn casting with your grandmother?
    I wonder if you could share with us a personal story of yours around casting?
    I mean, a time that you experienced for yourself the process of spell work in yourself/your own life. I say, work- because I understand that spell casting involves focus, clarity and action from the partnership of caster and client(in conjunction with guides....)
    Learning, so asking. This is my first inquiry into spell work, so thank you for the guidance on ethical practices and how to approach spell work for the greatest good.

  2. Indeed I did learn from my Great Great Grandmother Emma Dora Olson.
    I think your request is a very good one and I will absolutely put that request on the top of my article request list!
    Great idea and thank you!
    As for the ethics I think that the above article shares a lot about how casters can be unethical and things I do not partake in.
    Here is also a lovely letter from one of my former clients in spell casting:


    I will be sure to write an article about personal experiences soon.
    With love


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