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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Psychic Addiction?

Psychic Addiction - See the Red Flags Before you Wave the White One!
Don’t surrender to Psychic Addiction!

Psychic Addiction
In my view sometimes people become addicted to psychic readings for many reasons.
In this article I am not going to go into the reasons or ways in which someone can become addicted, but I am going to focus on the red flags of when you may be becoming addicted and need to stop getting readings!

1) You find yourself seeking out the same answers from many different readers over and over again. (redundancy)

2) You are not making any progress on your path. (dependency)

3) You go to different readers until one of them gives you the answers you want to hear! (false hope)

4) You are using readings for every single choice you have to make in life instead of being proactive in your own life! (dependency and passive behavior)

5) You are getting readings just to fill time, you do not have any real questions. (depression)

6) You find that your advisor is repeating themselves. This is very common in P.A. (psychic addiction) your reader can only give you so much info in a short time frame. If you are visiting him or her too often you WILL get the same info again, especially if nothing has developed or changed! Another sign related to this one is that you are feeling they are not doing their job, or that they are not seeing things they should be. An ethical reader should tell you that it is too soon, there is no new information for you etc, but some will read for you anyway just to get your funds! It is YOUR responsibility to gauge yourself in the end but if you have a trusted reader and they tell you it is too soon LISTEN to them. If you find you go to another reader especially a new one that does no know you or your situation just to hear the same old info again or new but inaccurate information that tells you what you want to hear - then that is definitely psychic addiction!

7) You are going in or are already in debt! Please do not spend more than you can afford! In some cases readings are not a necessity but a luxury. In MOST cases they are a luxury actually. As a psychic myself who does this as her sole income, more often than not I do not have the money for a reading when I would like one! If psychic readings are coming before your necessary life expenses please get help!

8) If you are spending a large amount of time talking to psychics. If you find yourself talking to and thinking about talking to a psychic or spiritual advisor obsessively then this is a red flag as well. If you find that you can not function normally without speaking to one or you think about speaking to one each time even a small situation of difficulty comes up. Normally a person’s first thought when things of a difficult nature happen is to process how to handle the complication. However if you find that your first gut reaction to complications in your life is “I need to talk to my psychic” then you may be reacting out of a dependency.

9) Are you spending too much time with psychics? Is getting readings keeping you from spending time with family, friends or getting your work done? If you are finding yourself devoting several house a day to getting readings and it is causing you to miss out on other aspects of your life, keeping you from your work, etc then this is a red flag!

I am sure that there are many other “red flags” for psychic addiction.
I do not have a background in addictions or addictive treatment.
This list is intended only to help and from the view point of a psychic advisor who has seen some of these red flags herself.

This is not intended to diagnose.
If you or someone you know is suffering from Psychic Addiction, or think that you may be, please contact one of the Licensed Counselors Listed Below for help or get help locally.

Blessed Be!
Azzrian Visions  

Thank you Ryan for your assistance on this article!
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