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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meditation Exercise 1

Mediation Exercise 1
The White Light Exercise

Meditation Exercize
I love to meditate for relaxation and stress relief.
This is one of my personal favorite exercises.
Interestingly enough it is not one of the most complex.
I think that is why I enjoy it so much.
It can be done in a long stretch or a short one.
I get to decide how long I want to work on this mediation.
I can focus on certain areas that I feel need focus for relaxation, stress relief or healing.
I wanted to share this with my readers.
I have numbered it Exercise 1 because I do plan to add new meditation exercises regularly.
So here we go:

Sit or lay down. I prefer to lay.
Avoid chairs or seating with a lot of metal.
Relax, be comfortable as possible.
Breath your natural way. Do not try to control your breathing.
Visualize a white light above you.
You can see your white light anyway you wish.
I always see mine like an orb. Some see it as more like a sheet that covers them.
Concentrate on the light.
Try to make the light get brighter, and dimmer.
Once you can control that then try to make it bigger and smaller.
Visualize it - control it.
This can take days, weeks even months.
Everyone works at their own pace in these things.
Do not give up even a little progress is good progress!
Once you can make it brighter and dimmer, bigger and smaller, work on making it warmer!
Again, this can take time to master.
Once you can control it, feel the warmth of the light above you radiating the warmth onto your body.
This light is pure energy.
Now, visualize the light coming downward toward you.
Move the light toward your feet.
Feel the warmth on your feet.
Feel the light getting brighter and feel the warming sensation around your feet.
Once you can do this move the light gently up to your calves, then thighs, then solar plexus, etc.
At each point embrace and enjoy the warmth of this wonderful energy.
Continue to enjoy each section of your body that it connects with.
Move the light upward toward your stomach, arms, heart/chest area.
Be sure not to move the light toward your head until and unless you are FULLY comfortable with how the light makes you feel.
This is not because you are in danger from the energy of the light but because if you go to the head you can lose yourself, get very light headed and possibly pass out! We do not want that!
The light will be powerful!
Be also sure to have some water next to you as the light energy can make you dehydrated!
This takes time - do not expect to get it all correct in the first attempt.
Let me know if you have any questions by either leaving a comment here in the comment box or emailing me at azzrian@cox.net


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