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Friday, September 4, 2009

Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Candle Colors and Their Meanings 
Candle Color Meanings
One of my clients and friends (huggs to Honoratum) asked me to blog about candles. Specifically about candle colors used in rituals. 
  I want to say that for me, ritual work, be that meditation or spells, is no different than prayer.
It is something that you can do to add to your daily work on your path.
Spells nor meditation take the place of doing actual work!
Not even prayer will take away your need for positive action in your own life and spell work is the same way.
We still have free will, as do others. We still are accountable for our actions or our lack of actions.
I do not believe in doing any type of ritual that can harm another or take away from their free will!

So here is a list of candle colors, their meanings and usages!

The first thing I would like to mention is about SIZE!
Yes size does matter!

When doing spiritual meditation work it is fine to use a larger candle.
One specific to you and your energy.
You can light and relight this candle over and over because it is for your own personal use and for an on going ritual practice.
When doing spell work you will want to use a smaller candle, such as a tea light or votive.
Depending on the length of the spell you will want a smaller candle for shorter spells such as a tea light and a votive for a longer spell.
The reason for this is because you would want to allow the candle to fully melt and go out on its own for each spell. Obviously for safety reasons and not to leave a candle burning for days you would not use a pillar or large candle.
Keep these things in mind when buying your candles.
Scented or unscented?
That is totally up to you!
I prefer scented but I am choosy about what scent it is!
Again depending on my mood or what ritual I am working on I consider the scent as much as color.
When doing meditation I want a relaxing scent such as amber, sandalwood or an earth scent like sage.
For an uplifting feeling I go with citrus scents.
This is a personal choice and they can be completely unscented as well.
Because I prefer only naturally scented candles I chose those made with 100% essential oils.

Whatever your preference the following list is very standard for colors used for specific reasons.

White: White is a balance of all colors and for this reason may be used for ANY spell or ritual work. While using a more specific color is preferred you can use white in a pinch when you do not have the “correct” color of candle available.
White is used for: Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, increasing clairvoyance, and seeing the truth in a matter.

Yellow: Yellow is an uplifting color. It is used to increase physical and mental activity, to encourage creativity, to manifest unity, help using concentration, increasing the imagination, to gain another’s confidence or persuade someone.

Gold: Gold can be used for bringing about good fortune, income, when doing career related focus, helping yourself and others manifest positive results when sought, anything that is about increasing or bringing about positive change.

Orange: Orange is a good color to use when you need to be creative both artistically and mentally. It is great when you need to speak your mind and speak with clarity. It is good when you have a pressing job interview coming up or in legal matters. Orange is good for us where ambition is concerned such as meditation to find your true calling, or in finding self confidence!

Pink: Nourishes romance, friendship and pure love. Pick can draw affections, admiration and a pure heart. Pink is a warming color that speaks of laughter, friendship and kinship. Pink can be used in meditation and ritual when focusing on loved ones, healing prayers for people in your life, asking to draw a healthy love into your life, healing hurt friendships, asking for or seeking understanding and truth.

Red: Red is the color of passion, vitality, fertility, strength, courage, will power and influence.
Red can be used to increase the senses in a romantic partnership, help with fertility issues, increase emotional and mental courage, focus on your own use of balance and will power, and bring about a feeling of bliss. Red used in any ritual or meditation can increase your focus and help magnify the ritual.

Silver: Removes negativity and encourages consistency and balance. Silver also helps to increase psychic abilities. I rarely use silver candles but when I feel I need a boost I have one just in case!

Purple: Increases success in psychic energy, manifestations, and is ideal for rituals where you are seeking to find a connection to your own spiritual path. Purple is the psychics holy grail when it comes to color. It is used often in mediumship and in development of psychic energy. It also is used to increase financial gains, and to develop independence.

Brown: Is a balancing color. I use brown when I want to feel more focused, enlightened and closer to mother nature. I use brown in rituals where I seek to help or heal myself or others. Brown can help eliminate misdirection, indecision and help with concentration. I use brown often. I find it to be my totem color for doing any type of ritual work! Brown is my center. You may find another color suits you better but for me brown symbolizes nature and my ritual work is very nature based.

Indigo: I use this color for past life readings and any reading that requires a deep trance state. This color can help in rituals where a situation needs to be blocked or stopped. It can help in creating a new pathway that avoids harmful obstacles! It can help in bringing out energy of the past and looking deep into hidden meanings in situations.

Royal Blue: Is a happy color, it brings about a well being. Good when dealing with issues of emotional well being and increasing happiness or health in others or yourself! I use this color often in healing and energy work!

Light Blue: This color brings about a feeling of tranquility and peace. It can help in clearing and cleansing rituals and work.

Blue: When in doubt with the many shades of blue available blue in general is great for healing, harmony, peace, truth, guidance and cleansing energy.

Dark Green: Good when you need to clear negative energy caused by jealousy, greed or anger. Takes away negative energy caused by someone who feels such things toward you or another.

Sage Green: A rejuvenating color that promotes the positive. Especially good for prosperity, luck, harmony, and balance.

Grey: In meditation I look at this color as a blank slate. It is good when you have more than one possible path and you are not sure which to take. When both paths seem to be paved with a similar outcome but you can see each path individually having both positive and negative influences use a grey candle! This color allows for you to focus on each pathway and see both clearly and openly. In ritual and magic works I use this color when I need to neutralize a negative energy around me or the person I am casting for!

Black: I use this for cleansing ritual work, to stop addiction, banish negative influences, stop harmful thoughts or activity.

I hope you all find this useful.


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