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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Libra in Love

Librans are known for being fair and balanced, hence their symbol of the scales.
They tend to take a lot of time to think things through, especially where emotions are concerned. They need to know they are making the right choice and for the right reasons.
Many of my Libran friends will contact me regarding relationships but they already have their answer. They just want someone to play devil’s advocate or to bounce their own thoughts off of me. This is the nature of Libra. They are intelligent and they usually know what they want and how to get there but they see so many shades of gray it is easy for them to become overwhelmed and stall out.

Libras need to know that their partner is also equally involved, taking part and feeling the same feelings they are. They need that sense of equality and balance from the one they love. However a Libran can also appreciate differences in their partner as long as these differences they have can mutually benefit both of them. Sometimes when a Libra is with their opposite it can help them both see different viewpoints to consider and Libra loves to consider things. As long as there is respect toward each other the Libra can handle being with someone opposite of himself or herself. They need not for you to agree with everything they think and feel but they do need to know you respect their opinion as well. 

One aspect of Libra that can frustrate their loved one is the time they take to make choices or come to conclusions. They do not rush this process and can at times appear to be uninterested as they also reserve their input, words and actions during this process they must undertake. When Libra appears to be too reserved, holding back with communication or taking action you can almost count on knowing that they have something big brewing in their minds or hearts. 

Libra is passionate but they can also have a flighty side to them as well. They are logical and emotional – they are balanced. However balance does not mean at times the scales cannot tip to one extreme side. When Libra is feeling fear, lack of confidence or confusion they can tend to go to one extreme or the other, but Libra does not stay in this flux for long. They need the feeling of stability and assuredness and they will work hard to find that happy middle ground once again. 

If you win the heart of a Libra you can expect to be treated fair, for them to see your emotional needs and meet them, for the Libra mate to be considerate toward your needs and be caring and kind and romantic! However a Libra is very much in need of their ego boost as well and once they make up their mind about something it is as good as law! It is near impossible to change the mind of your Libra mate once they make a decision so be sure you are ready to give in at times because the Libra ego can be delicate if challenged once they assess a situation and make a judgment call on it.

The verdict is still out on your Libra love. Will you find your Libra to be indecisive and flighty, egotistical and needy or will you find them to be warm and romantic, fair and balanced? Perhaps you are the perfect match for this complex and cautious creature! 

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

But how does he FEEL about me?

Relationship Troubles
But how does he FEEL about me?

This is one of the most common questions a psychic reader is asked.
I am perfectly happy to answer this question but depending on the energy of the client and if they are truly open to working on their path and not just getting the quick and to the point answers, I like to offer the following:

I can tell you all day long how someone FEELS about you but feelings are only as good as the actions that stand behind the feeling.

Someone actually can love you with all that they have, but if they are not willing or able for whatever myriad of reasons to take the steps toward progression in the relationship, those feelings are not as meaningful.

It does not mean it is unimportant to ask or to know how someone feels in general or about you specifically, as sometimes these feelings can be worked with to find a comfortable resolution for both parties. However when the entire focus of a reading is multiple paragraphs of telling the client how deeply someone cares for them when as a reader I see regardless of that, this person is stunted, fearful or blocking growth of the relationship, I have to step in and let the client know.

This is surprisingly not always met with agreement. Often times a client simply wants to just know that someone does in fact care for them and is not ready to face the fact that all the love and care in the world does not equal a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship.

Sometimes there is no true emotion from the other person and of course that is hard but necessary news to deliver.

There are basically two kinds of clients thus two kinds of readings, and often the same client can have the need for both kinds of readings at different times. There is the reading I call a progressive learning session. This is where the clients are truly interested in making the best path for themselves no matter what. They are ready and willing to hear the hard truth and the good news but they can take the good along with any bad, regardless of the pain it may cause at that time. They are ready to grow as an individual, understand the reasons behind the way the other person is acting or feeling, and are ready to take that into careful consideration and work on making their lives enriched and fulfilled, even if they have to leave a relationship behind.
Then we have the In the NOW session. This is a session where the client is in a place of simply wanting to know of there is still ANY feeling from the other person, if there is any chance at all. They do not want to hear life lessons, reasons, things they need to work on, or any thing other than the basics on how someone feels for them. While these are not my favorite kinds of readings they do serve a purpose in that moment. They are no less accurate of a reading, nor less truthful, but they will not help in the long-term outcome of the relationship or its growth. They also are not the best type of reading to offer predictions or timelines on because the client has accountability of their own for any outcome and when they only want the basics and do not care for the “lesson” there is a lack of certainty that the client will do the necessary work to see predictions through. Free will is stronger than any prediction and can overrule, help or destroy a prediction in a moment’s notice, so with clients who want this type of reading I simply do not give predictions. This type of reading is only a momentary bandage to give the client perhaps just enough to get through a rough spot in their lives, or to “hold on” although I never want this for someone and much prefer the client take the time to learn and grow both as an individual and in their relationship, I would not refuse this type of reading. More often than not with my work on Liveperson this is the type of reading I see being requested, although the client may not be aware that they are in fact requesting just that. What I will try to do, if my time permits, is email the client a little follow up and subtly suggest that we take time when they are ready to look deeper, not for the purpose of getting the client in another session to make more money, but for the purpose of helping them to really see the bigger picture. A lot of my follow up via email, no actually most of it is free. It is up to the client to really want to work on their path for the long term good, but I cannot force this on anyone.
I understand we are all human and we have those moments where we just need to hear something good or hear the hard truth so we can make a decision right then and there and move forward or move on but unfortunately without really examining the whole situation and finding our lessons in it we fail to accomplish the real goals in life which is to learn and to grow in each and every situation and relationship we face.
When you go to get your next reading, perhaps pause and ask yourself, what type of reading do I want? What do I want to achieve? Do I want the bandage or do I want to learn and grow?
Do not worry, either type of reading is fine and there is no judgment passed on you for wanting the bandage but letting your advisor know in advance the type of read you want will help them focus better for you and get to you the type of info you need at that time.
Now the “labels” I have put on these two types of readings are my own, and I do not assume any other reader would know of them so perhaps just tell your reader/advisor..
“I just want the basics today or some answers to these questions” or “I would really like an in-depth reading to find out what lessons I may be missing here” would do the trick.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Virgo In Love

Virgo in Love
Independent and warm, the Virgo individual needs someone who can play on the subtle nuances of romance. Keeping the youthful nature in love is essential to the Virgo. While Virgo can be a bit nit-picky at times they feel this is an honorable notation to their personality. They are intelligent and great with detail and fact and a vital resource in the workplace but in romance they also like to be very meticulous and exact. They remember special dates, love to give and receive flowers and signs of affection. They enjoy a good hearty debate or challenge in sports or activity as long as it remains fun. Virgo needs to feel they have a true partner in all aspects of the word. Taking an interest in what they do, their work, their activities, their interests will encourage the Virgo to take more interest in you!

The female Virgo tends to be aloof when upset with her mate. She can have a very cool exterior and this is a sure sign she is not all that impressed with you at the time however she is loyal and caring and can easily forgive, if you deserve forgiveness. The Virgo woman is very explorative with her sexuality with her mate when she feels comfortable with him and a man who is willing to truly explore his emotions and sexual nature is a sure attraction to the Virgo woman! The Virgo woman loves deeply but has no issue with severing ties when a relationship is just not going to work out. She is pragmatic and can see when the path just is not going to be beneficial to anyone in the relationship. She will make effort but she will not stick around if you are not doing your part! She is not the type to do “all the work” but in a good relationship you can count on her to be a wonderful life partner! She needs an intellectual partner who will stimulate her mind, body and soul. She has a lot of interests and can keep a lot of balls up in the air at once so keeping up with her can be a challenge to many! She can be a know it all at times but does not display her intellect in a egotistical way, it is just how she is and she does not view herself as better than you although at times you may feel she does. You may have to do some study if you want to feel “in her league” but to the Virgo female this is your job to keep up with her and not her fault if you can’t.

The Virgo male can equally come off as aloof or disinterested at times and do not fall easily but once you have their heart they are dutiful and will stand by your side come what may. The Virgo male does not need a life long mate so do not try to win him over too early! By being too pushy or needy he will definitely high tail it! Virgo male needs a very confident and independent woman by his side. Someone who is his true equal and has a life of their own. He needs his mate to bring as much to the relationship as he does yet still have an air of independence in his life. Do not expect the Virgo man to be overly mushy when it comes to romance, he has a big heart and will remember dates, bring flowers but he is not the man you read about in storybooks. He has a practical nature and will shy away from women who are too high need or have extreme expectations. If you are looking for a Romeo who will dote on your every need then Virgo is not your man! He needs someone who is strong, grounded with a good sense of self-worth. He is not the type of man to make you feel like the center of his universe thus handing your self worth over to you! The kind of woman who will win his heart is a woman who is mentally active, physically active, and ready to try anything new, but has a good sense of family values and can control her emotions using logic and reason before letting fear or drama seep in!
No matter what, if you win over the Virgo man or woman, you are in for a wonderful ride!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Yo-ho Yo-ho a Psychic's Life for Me!

Now that I have all the pirate lovers attention lol I wanted to blog about what it’s really like to be A PSYCHIC (echoing).
Being a psychic comes with a lot of responsibility.
Working as one is even more challenging.
It is one thing to carry around with you that sense of “knowing” and another to put it into daily practice!
When you chose to do psychic work as a career you come across several obstacles.
First you have to accept many people will not see your gift as something you should “charge” for.
In reality I have had many people demonish me for taking payment for my services.
I have to explain to them that I could not help as many people as I do for free. It would be impossible to have a full time job, be a full time mother and all that comes with that and still do readings for people all day long. Once you go public with the fact that you are a seer of any kind people either love you or hate you. Those who love you, including friends, expect you to always be “in tune” and give them unlimited advice and guidance not realizing that this takes time and much energy. Truth is there are simply times I can not get in focus with my guides. Be that due to stress in my own life, illness, other people in my life needing me for personal reasons, my children and family deserving to come first etc and so on. I am not a walking encyclopedia of unlimited spiritual resources. Fact is if I am not in balance and in a good place to give psychic advice my guides shut that part of me down and tell me to work on myself.

I am thankful for that because as a person who does care deeply for other people’s needs I know I would run myself ragged trying to help everyone with little regard for my own needs and health.

Once I chose to do this as my career I was able to help so many people who truly need it and at the same time afford my family a somewhat comfortable life. I am by no means rich and I live pay check to pay check like many people do. I am not living in a mansion lol far from it. However I do take payment for my services because I feel it is right and just.

I have had so many people say a God-Given gift should not be charged for. Oh really? Okay then I suppose all athletes should work for free? I know my daughters surgeon has a God given talent but he charges for this. Actually every thing a person does is a gift from God.
When we look at religion we have to accept that nothing is “free” and tithing is there for a reason.
Now I am over that soap box.

Moving on to the next stage of being a psychic.
Public acceptance.
If it were just myself I would have an airplane skywrite my website up in the air.
However I have my children to consider.
I have to accept that what I do is not the norm.
My daughter has the gift, however she hesitates to totally tap into it.
She is not sure she wants to actively feel what others feel.
She is not sure she wants to learn to control it.
It takes a lot of time and effort and she has seen what it can do from watching me.
There are downsides to being empathic and or psychic.
She asks a lot of questions at times then will go silent about it for spans of time.
I know she is thinking about what her true calling is and if she will ever want to embrace what is inside of her. That is fully her choice. I back her 100% no matter what path she takes.
However my daughter already feels “different” she has two disabilities she has to contend with on a daily basis and I have come to realize that for her opening up to her “gifts” would be like yet another “disability” to her. Another reason to “stand out” form the crowd. Standing out can be a great thing or a downfall. This is for her to decide in time.
My son on the other hand, oh what to say about him, lol, he is a typical teen age boy enjoying his new drivers license, freedoms that come with it and learning to be a young adult. I feel he is very intuitive however very jaded for a young man with a very old soul! He would need to become much more accepting of others however I can certainly see how his current path is leading up to that but he prefers to be agnostic right now and not delve into any from of spirituality whatsoever. Some times he seems embarrassed by his mothers abilities, and other times, when it suits him he embraces it and even brags about it just a little. That totally depends on who he has around us at the time.

Being open about what I do would not be an issue for me if it were just me but having kids changes things.
There have been many times at their school or events they attend I have been asked what I do. It sort of pains me because in denying what I do I feel I am not being true to who I am. In my case what I do IS who I am! I know many people when asked so what do you do immediately go to what they do for a living! When really what we do for a living does not always sum up who we are but I feel my work is the same as who I am, it is my faith, my belief system, how I live my life and I should be proud of that and happy to share it with others! Not to even mention that I probably lose the chance to help new people all the time by not just stating the facts about my “work”. However the moment the question is asked I can see and feel the tension in the shoulders of my kids. My son does his eye roll and my daughter usually looks away. Even though by now they should know I will handle that question with diplomacy I am sure they too understand that I would prefer to be open about it. There are the rare occasions I am totally honest, but only when I can tell the person asking is open to what I do and there are not other ears around! However, more often than not I simply say I am a consultant and work on the Internet. Usually this is a good enough answer because the reality is usually when a person asks that question they are only making small talk. It is right up there with the all important question “so how are you today?” and we all respond usually with “fine thank you, how are you” even if we truly are not fine! Who really wants to hear our woes and how crappy our day was? My answer rarely generates more questions but I do leave with a sense of dishonesty and regret for not being able to really fully be who I am and express what exactly it is I do.

For a psychic, a medium, a channeler of any kind, an empathic, etc. one has to do daily work on their own energy. Grounding and balancing, meditation, manifestation, and more. Separating ones personal energy and getting outside of one self is necessary to give clear and accurate readings for others. One does not just wake up with a clear head about them ready to go straight to work every day. Some days of course are better than others but being a psychic pulls immense amounts of energy from you. It can be hard to enter a grocery store without tons of energy flooding at you from every direction and this is why doing daily focus work is so important. This too takes time. Some days the energy drain is so intense I feel it necessary not to log into work at all because I know I will not be fair to my clients. Other days I feel clear and light and ready to get right into things! It is both a pleasure and a challenge. For me personally I pick up health issues and absorb them. While doing healing work is not my forte as a career path it is something I do naturally and I have to be sure I am not absorbing too much negative health energy as my own health is far from perfect as it is. I tend to absorb illness from those around me, and “take on” what they suffer from. This helps them heal faster and causes me to feel a bit down myself. Luckily I do not draw so much that I get the actual illness itself, but I do get sensations of the illness and this too can keep me from my daily work online.

All in all though I would not want to do anything else in my life path.
I have worked in many different fields and have learned a lot from doing so but this is what I am supposed to do. This is what my life IS and who I AM. I love my work, I love my clients and I love being who I am. I am sure that in my life things will change to the degree I can be more open about what I do in my small town. I am sure my children will come to be more understanding. That is only a matter of growth and time.
Everything that goes into being psychic and being open to my gifts and abilities is well worth it!

Yes I have the education and skills to go out and work a “regular” job with benefits and make much more income but it would not be who I am and I would not be DRIVEN to want to move up the ladder. I enjoy the challenges and benefits of helping others and doing what I do. Life is a journey and for me a spiritual one!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Retrograde - A Positive Spin

Retrograde - A Positive Spin

When we hear “Retrograde” most of us gasp, brace ourselves, and hold on for dear life. We set our sights to low with the dimmers on, and hope for the best.

This article is not another article on what retrograde is so much as it is an article on what it can be!

I often speak of manifestation, Law of attraction, empowerment and free will, and while I am not saying we can control our universe we can control how we react to it!

Normally in retrograde we see break downs in communication, series of unfortunate events unravel, unresolved issues from our past rearing their ugly heads. For some Mercury Retrograde means thought processes slow or halt, especially for those who work in areas where using wit, intellect, or creativity is key.

Mercury Retrograde can cause personal misunderstandings and arguments. Mercury Retrograde is also famous for glitches and break downs in electronics that have to do with communication and transportation!

Astrologers warn us not to make any important plans that require scheduling at this time because ultimately they most likely will not work out, or others we plan with may not follow through or perhaps even we will be the ones to bail out last minute!

However this article is not about all those negatives now is it? No, its about how to make retrograde a positive thing for us! How to put a positive spin on our own reality and our universe!

Our lives are filled with busy schedules, work, family, extra-curricular activities, social engagements, etc and so on. There are many times where we wish we could just slow down and unwind. Our minds are busy, our hands are busy, our bodies are busy, always in a constant flux of motion. We want to be more in touch with ourselves, we wish we had more time for exercise or meditation or to read that book we have put off reading, that journal we said we would start, or he hobby we never seem to find the time for, for me it is scrap booking!

The key to a positive retrograde is focus, and focus has to be a personal and internal thing before we can be any good to others! We are usually all so busy worried about being in charge, in control, on top of our game that maybe the reason we allow for retrograde to get to us so much is we rely too much on our devices and social networks and not enough focus is on our selves! We rely too much on our EGOS to be able to handle a regular day let alone a retro-day! Perhaps the universe gives us retrograde as a means to humble us all and show us that we ultimately do not have full control of everything and we need a reality check to slow down and let go and let live!

If you make a conscious choice in your life today NOT to allow Mercury Retrograde to dampen your spirits you will find you have taken a first but meaningful step toward getting through this and every following retrograde with ease.

Here are three relatively easy steps to put a positive spin on retrograde:

1. Write up a mantra for yourself for the duration of Mercury Retrograde, make it your own, but mine is as follows:

“I will not react to unforeseen circumstances. I will take in the information or challenge and tuck it away to work on later. I will not take the bait to unhealthy or non-productive thought or emotion at this time. I will not take part in argumentative discussion, nor will I fall prey to those who are unaware of their own words or actions at this time. It is not necessarily ones true feelings they may be expressing to me at this time as they too are under the influence of this retrograde.”

I actually have a few mantras that I use through out each day. Some days I will focus on one more than another depending on where I personally am feeling weak.

The main idea however is that you first block yourself from retrogrades possible onslaught of problems because while we can not avoid these things but we can change how we react to them!

2) The second thing that one can do to put a positive spin on retrograde is to utilize it and not allow it to make you its unsuspecting victim! Knowledge is power and it is good if you know the basics of retrograde but at the same time by focusing so much on the negative impacts of it we draw those impacts toward us! Its just simple Law of Attraction at its best. Focus on the positive and you will bring positive toward you. Now of course during any retrograde it is more difficult to manifest positive but we certainly do not have to focus on it so much that we draw the negative in to us! By staying strong in our own core belief system, keeping ourselves grounded and clam in the face of negativity we can get a leg up on retrograde!

3) The last thing I would like for everyone to promise themselves to do at this time is to really put into practice those SELF things we seem to find a way to avoid. Take time to spend with yourself. Since communication is a known issue for Mercury Retrograde take this time for self reflection, introspection, meditation, relaxation, and any other word ending in “ion” you can think of!

Read more, take walks, sleep in late, take a day off, take long bubble baths, journal, do anything that gives you more insight into yourself or pampers yourself! Many of us almost feel we need an “excuse” to do things for ourselves as we are so very busy taking care of others in our lives or worrying about our life situations, but in Mercury Retrograde we literally have a valid reason to pull away from the outside world just a bit and go inward . This can be absolutely positive and healing! Since Mercury Retrograde by design wants to cast shadows into our normal daily routines why not cast the brightness back into our lives by being proactive and not sitting on targets saying “okay retro, come and get me!” at the very least you can confuse retrograde by doing things you would not normally take time out to do. Now I know many of my followers are already practicing daily manifestations, meditations etc so it may seem as if I am telling you to do your normal daily routines but we all can find new things to add to our list of ME things to do! There is always one more thing we can do to make our own lives more enriching and more self-centric! Being self-centric is normally not looked up on as a healthy thing to be however in Mercury Retrograde we get a free hall pass to ego land! Just think of it as a necessary hermit mode!

Happy Retrograde to all!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meditation Exercise 1

Mediation Exercise 1
The White Light Exercise

Meditation Exercize
I love to meditate for relaxation and stress relief.
This is one of my personal favorite exercises.
Interestingly enough it is not one of the most complex.
I think that is why I enjoy it so much.
It can be done in a long stretch or a short one.
I get to decide how long I want to work on this mediation.
I can focus on certain areas that I feel need focus for relaxation, stress relief or healing.
I wanted to share this with my readers.
I have numbered it Exercise 1 because I do plan to add new meditation exercises regularly.
So here we go:

Sit or lay down. I prefer to lay.
Avoid chairs or seating with a lot of metal.
Relax, be comfortable as possible.
Breath your natural way. Do not try to control your breathing.
Visualize a white light above you.
You can see your white light anyway you wish.
I always see mine like an orb. Some see it as more like a sheet that covers them.
Concentrate on the light.
Try to make the light get brighter, and dimmer.
Once you can control that then try to make it bigger and smaller.
Visualize it - control it.
This can take days, weeks even months.
Everyone works at their own pace in these things.
Do not give up even a little progress is good progress!
Once you can make it brighter and dimmer, bigger and smaller, work on making it warmer!
Again, this can take time to master.
Once you can control it, feel the warmth of the light above you radiating the warmth onto your body.
This light is pure energy.
Now, visualize the light coming downward toward you.
Move the light toward your feet.
Feel the warmth on your feet.
Feel the light getting brighter and feel the warming sensation around your feet.
Once you can do this move the light gently up to your calves, then thighs, then solar plexus, etc.
At each point embrace and enjoy the warmth of this wonderful energy.
Continue to enjoy each section of your body that it connects with.
Move the light upward toward your stomach, arms, heart/chest area.
Be sure not to move the light toward your head until and unless you are FULLY comfortable with how the light makes you feel.
This is not because you are in danger from the energy of the light but because if you go to the head you can lose yourself, get very light headed and possibly pass out! We do not want that!
The light will be powerful!
Be also sure to have some water next to you as the light energy can make you dehydrated!
This takes time - do not expect to get it all correct in the first attempt.
Let me know if you have any questions by either leaving a comment here in the comment box or emailing me at azzrian@cox.net


Spells Demystified

Spells Demystified
What You Need to Know

Spells Demystified
When you are having someone do spell work for you it can get expensive.
An ethical spell caster will charge for their time.
They may charge a small fee for supplies but true spell casting supplies are not that expensive.
Cost of supplies can range depending on the supplies needed for the type of spell being cast but for the record I personally have never spent over 20.00 for supplies for any one spell.
I also do not charge my clients for my supplies as they are tax deductible.
How much should one charge for their time? That is very hard to say but here is my formula.

I do spell casting in ten night increments.
Casting usually takes about one hour per night per spell.
I charge 275.00 for ten nights of casting which includes daily email communication regarding how the spell work is progressing is included.

At the onset of the request for casting services I MUST do a read for you first, unless you are already a regular client of mine.

Spell casting is NOT a magic wand. It can not MAKE things happen that are not already possible in your path. Sometimes it is just not in your path for what you want to happen. You can do spell casting for yourself. Of course it feels good to have an experienced caster work for you or with you but in all honesty if you can take the time to learn proper casting technique it is best you do it yourself.
Many experienced casters will teach you how to cast for yourself and give you the spell they would have otherwise done for you, for a fee for their time of course. Casting for yourself infuses the spell work with your energy, and after all, this is your energy we are working with here, or the energy of someone you care about.

True casting is much like prayer, it is a ritual, it is deep focus, it is manifestation. Yes, certain words are spoken, at a certain time, in a certain way. But there is no hocus pocus or deep mystical secrets to casting.
There are some casters who protect their spells and will not share them with others but many casters do not feel the need to harbor their spells and feel good to share and encourage others to learn!
It is a matter of finding the right advisor for you to work with or work for you.
90% of my spell clients prefer I cast for them. I do not have any qualms about casting for someone as long as they are true to their path, do not do things that will impede on the progress of the casting and pay close attention to their own energy during the casting process.

It is true that often times casting does not work because the client themselves inadvertently can “mess up” the process, which is another good reason to cast for yourself! When you are doing the work for yourself you just naturally are more inclined to focus and pay attention to what you are doing, how you are acting and reacting and the changes going on in your own energy. When you are uninvolved in the process it is very easy and human nature to lack a real respect for what is going on. Involvement is very important which is why all of my casting sessions include daily email communication! It helps a client who is not casting for themselves to feel they are a part of what is going on behind the scenes and helps them remember their own accountability.

I have heard horror stories of clients paying thousands of dollars to a caster for spell work. Stories of clients being told they have had a “hex” (curse) put on them. Stories of fear that if they report their caster or fire their caster that the caster may put a hex on them and ruin all progress that may have been made!
I must stress to you that this is absurd!
First of all, any caster who would do such a thing or say or even IMPLY such a thing is already a dark energy. This means any casting they are doing for you is already doomed to failure. They may get progress in the beginning, but when someone casts for you with such dark energy everything will come back on them and you as their client. The best thing for you to do if you are being threatened or feel you may be is to get out of the situation, halt all communication with the caster, no matter what they may say and report them to the site they work for! A hex only works if you BELIEVE in it just as a spell will only work if you BELIVE in it!
If you do not have faith in the spell or your caster than nothing will work. So all you have to do if you feel you are being hexed is to refuse that energy from your life, rebuke it and reject it! Be strong and face the person who is doing this to you! If you can be strong enough TELL THEM you do NOT believe in their hexes and you do NOT believe in them! This automatically takes away all power they have over you!
Remember that you have free will and free will is stronger than any spell work, including hexes!

Threats are not the only trick though that unethical casters may use to drain your wallet!  Telling you they need “special” candles or “special” tools is a lie! Any “tools” that an experienced caster would need should be things they already have!  Special candles do not cost a fortune either! Pretty much any candle will work. Yes there are specific sizes, and colors a caster will need depending on your spell but they are not any more costly than the same candles you would purchase! The difference between your basic candle and one used in spells is that the caster consecrates them for their usage! Do not buy into a caster telling you they need a large fee just to buy products to cast your spell with! Yes there are expenses involved in casting. Yes at times I will have to run and buy a certain item to do a spell it is not unheard of but high fees for these items are unheard of!

Some of the most necessary items I use in my casting process are:
Sea Salt
Wooden Matches

The list is really much longer then this but you get the idea right? None of these items are astronomical in price!  Some of them come from my yard or are just around the house!  I think Honey is the most expensive thing I have ever purchased for spell work!

When speaking with a caster you can also ask for a break down to the items they will be using! You can ask to see the web site they need to purchase this “special” item from. Or ask them for some evidence of its cost and value!

Ask questions! It is okay to ask why a special item is needed and how it will be used! It is okay to ask for explanation of fees for service. An ethical caster will not get offended by this, will not be defensive about it and will understand your reasons for being concerned!  All of us who do casting know that there are many unethical advisors out there. We suspect if you are seeking spell work then you probably have come across a few of these money hungry people! So we do not mind answering your questions. What we do mind is being lumped in with them and having your guard up so high that no amount of spell work will help. A caster and client have to have absolute trust and work together! When approaching an advisor about casting work be prepared to let them know up front what you want from the casting.

You should have prepared the following list of things to tell them:

1. What type of casting you are wanting. If you are not sure then tell them you are not sure what kind of casting you need.

2. What you want the casting for. Is this to draw love, money, empowerment, peace in the household, etc.

3. Ask them how long they cast. From my experience a one night casting is only a bandage on a situation and consistent repeated casting gets long term results!

4. Ask them up front what kind of special tools or equipment they will need for your casting services. This is a good time to weed out the ethical from the non-ethical casters! Any non-ethical caster will take the bait and right away let you know that you need to spend 1,000 for a special candle or some other absurd thing like that!

5. Give them some background on the situation. Do not expect them to take the time nor energy to “read” you to figure it out. It is much too important that they go in educated fully on the circumstances they are working with! Holding back to test them is a bad idea for you as the client! Remember casting services are not a reading! It is a totally different type of focus and unless you are paying them for a reading it is unfair to expect them to take the time and energy to DO a reading to figure out your history! Your results in the casting will be much better when your advisor knows as much detail of the situation as possible going into doing the work.

6. Ask them their fee.
7. Ask them how many clients they do casting work for at any one time. I personally will only take on three casting clients at any one time. I do not want to spread my energy so thin that I can not do quality casting work for ALL of my clients. 
8. Ask them if they have any questions for you. This helps to open the dialogue and lets them know you are going to be a joy to work with. This will help with the bond between the two of you.

9. Ask them how long they have been casting and how they learned to cast! There is no “right” answer to this because I know many newer casters who are very gifted. However, if someone is not comfortable answering this question then that is a red flag for you right there.

10. Make sure that you and your caster agree on the plan of action, how many nights or days, if they want you in a focus with them at the time they cast. What the expectations for the outcome are. That you understand you remain focused and balanced through the process and by all means if and when things get rocky let your caster know! Holding back information from your caster then later wondering why the spell work did not work is not right. If something comes up and it is related to the casting process you need to communicate that with your caster. Many times your caster can alter the process to help with changes in the energy.

So that’s it in a nutshell! Okay a really large nutshell perhaps but there it is nonetheless.

Please if you have any questions just use the comment box below to ask!

I will respond to you right away!



Sunday, September 6, 2009

Psychic Addiction?

Psychic Addiction - See the Red Flags Before you Wave the White One!
Don’t surrender to Psychic Addiction!

Psychic Addiction
In my view sometimes people become addicted to psychic readings for many reasons.
In this article I am not going to go into the reasons or ways in which someone can become addicted, but I am going to focus on the red flags of when you may be becoming addicted and need to stop getting readings!

1) You find yourself seeking out the same answers from many different readers over and over again. (redundancy)

2) You are not making any progress on your path. (dependency)

3) You go to different readers until one of them gives you the answers you want to hear! (false hope)

4) You are using readings for every single choice you have to make in life instead of being proactive in your own life! (dependency and passive behavior)

5) You are getting readings just to fill time, you do not have any real questions. (depression)

6) You find that your advisor is repeating themselves. This is very common in P.A. (psychic addiction) your reader can only give you so much info in a short time frame. If you are visiting him or her too often you WILL get the same info again, especially if nothing has developed or changed! Another sign related to this one is that you are feeling they are not doing their job, or that they are not seeing things they should be. An ethical reader should tell you that it is too soon, there is no new information for you etc, but some will read for you anyway just to get your funds! It is YOUR responsibility to gauge yourself in the end but if you have a trusted reader and they tell you it is too soon LISTEN to them. If you find you go to another reader especially a new one that does no know you or your situation just to hear the same old info again or new but inaccurate information that tells you what you want to hear - then that is definitely psychic addiction!

7) You are going in or are already in debt! Please do not spend more than you can afford! In some cases readings are not a necessity but a luxury. In MOST cases they are a luxury actually. As a psychic myself who does this as her sole income, more often than not I do not have the money for a reading when I would like one! If psychic readings are coming before your necessary life expenses please get help!

8) If you are spending a large amount of time talking to psychics. If you find yourself talking to and thinking about talking to a psychic or spiritual advisor obsessively then this is a red flag as well. If you find that you can not function normally without speaking to one or you think about speaking to one each time even a small situation of difficulty comes up. Normally a person’s first thought when things of a difficult nature happen is to process how to handle the complication. However if you find that your first gut reaction to complications in your life is “I need to talk to my psychic” then you may be reacting out of a dependency.

9) Are you spending too much time with psychics? Is getting readings keeping you from spending time with family, friends or getting your work done? If you are finding yourself devoting several house a day to getting readings and it is causing you to miss out on other aspects of your life, keeping you from your work, etc then this is a red flag!

I am sure that there are many other “red flags” for psychic addiction.
I do not have a background in addictions or addictive treatment.
This list is intended only to help and from the view point of a psychic advisor who has seen some of these red flags herself.

This is not intended to diagnose.
If you or someone you know is suffering from Psychic Addiction, or think that you may be, please contact one of the Licensed Counselors Listed Below for help or get help locally.

Blessed Be!
Azzrian Visions  

Thank you Ryan for your assistance on this article!
Also see Ryan's Photo and recent reviews left for him on the side bar to the right!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Candle Colors and Their Meanings 
Candle Color Meanings
One of my clients and friends (huggs to Honoratum) asked me to blog about candles. Specifically about candle colors used in rituals. 
  I want to say that for me, ritual work, be that meditation or spells, is no different than prayer.
It is something that you can do to add to your daily work on your path.
Spells nor meditation take the place of doing actual work!
Not even prayer will take away your need for positive action in your own life and spell work is the same way.
We still have free will, as do others. We still are accountable for our actions or our lack of actions.
I do not believe in doing any type of ritual that can harm another or take away from their free will!

So here is a list of candle colors, their meanings and usages!

The first thing I would like to mention is about SIZE!
Yes size does matter!

When doing spiritual meditation work it is fine to use a larger candle.
One specific to you and your energy.
You can light and relight this candle over and over because it is for your own personal use and for an on going ritual practice.
When doing spell work you will want to use a smaller candle, such as a tea light or votive.
Depending on the length of the spell you will want a smaller candle for shorter spells such as a tea light and a votive for a longer spell.
The reason for this is because you would want to allow the candle to fully melt and go out on its own for each spell. Obviously for safety reasons and not to leave a candle burning for days you would not use a pillar or large candle.
Keep these things in mind when buying your candles.
Scented or unscented?
That is totally up to you!
I prefer scented but I am choosy about what scent it is!
Again depending on my mood or what ritual I am working on I consider the scent as much as color.
When doing meditation I want a relaxing scent such as amber, sandalwood or an earth scent like sage.
For an uplifting feeling I go with citrus scents.
This is a personal choice and they can be completely unscented as well.
Because I prefer only naturally scented candles I chose those made with 100% essential oils.

Whatever your preference the following list is very standard for colors used for specific reasons.

White: White is a balance of all colors and for this reason may be used for ANY spell or ritual work. While using a more specific color is preferred you can use white in a pinch when you do not have the “correct” color of candle available.
White is used for: Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, increasing clairvoyance, and seeing the truth in a matter.

Yellow: Yellow is an uplifting color. It is used to increase physical and mental activity, to encourage creativity, to manifest unity, help using concentration, increasing the imagination, to gain another’s confidence or persuade someone.

Gold: Gold can be used for bringing about good fortune, income, when doing career related focus, helping yourself and others manifest positive results when sought, anything that is about increasing or bringing about positive change.

Orange: Orange is a good color to use when you need to be creative both artistically and mentally. It is great when you need to speak your mind and speak with clarity. It is good when you have a pressing job interview coming up or in legal matters. Orange is good for us where ambition is concerned such as meditation to find your true calling, or in finding self confidence!

Pink: Nourishes romance, friendship and pure love. Pick can draw affections, admiration and a pure heart. Pink is a warming color that speaks of laughter, friendship and kinship. Pink can be used in meditation and ritual when focusing on loved ones, healing prayers for people in your life, asking to draw a healthy love into your life, healing hurt friendships, asking for or seeking understanding and truth.

Red: Red is the color of passion, vitality, fertility, strength, courage, will power and influence.
Red can be used to increase the senses in a romantic partnership, help with fertility issues, increase emotional and mental courage, focus on your own use of balance and will power, and bring about a feeling of bliss. Red used in any ritual or meditation can increase your focus and help magnify the ritual.

Silver: Removes negativity and encourages consistency and balance. Silver also helps to increase psychic abilities. I rarely use silver candles but when I feel I need a boost I have one just in case!

Purple: Increases success in psychic energy, manifestations, and is ideal for rituals where you are seeking to find a connection to your own spiritual path. Purple is the psychics holy grail when it comes to color. It is used often in mediumship and in development of psychic energy. It also is used to increase financial gains, and to develop independence.

Brown: Is a balancing color. I use brown when I want to feel more focused, enlightened and closer to mother nature. I use brown in rituals where I seek to help or heal myself or others. Brown can help eliminate misdirection, indecision and help with concentration. I use brown often. I find it to be my totem color for doing any type of ritual work! Brown is my center. You may find another color suits you better but for me brown symbolizes nature and my ritual work is very nature based.

Indigo: I use this color for past life readings and any reading that requires a deep trance state. This color can help in rituals where a situation needs to be blocked or stopped. It can help in creating a new pathway that avoids harmful obstacles! It can help in bringing out energy of the past and looking deep into hidden meanings in situations.

Royal Blue: Is a happy color, it brings about a well being. Good when dealing with issues of emotional well being and increasing happiness or health in others or yourself! I use this color often in healing and energy work!

Light Blue: This color brings about a feeling of tranquility and peace. It can help in clearing and cleansing rituals and work.

Blue: When in doubt with the many shades of blue available blue in general is great for healing, harmony, peace, truth, guidance and cleansing energy.

Dark Green: Good when you need to clear negative energy caused by jealousy, greed or anger. Takes away negative energy caused by someone who feels such things toward you or another.

Sage Green: A rejuvenating color that promotes the positive. Especially good for prosperity, luck, harmony, and balance.

Grey: In meditation I look at this color as a blank slate. It is good when you have more than one possible path and you are not sure which to take. When both paths seem to be paved with a similar outcome but you can see each path individually having both positive and negative influences use a grey candle! This color allows for you to focus on each pathway and see both clearly and openly. In ritual and magic works I use this color when I need to neutralize a negative energy around me or the person I am casting for!

Black: I use this for cleansing ritual work, to stop addiction, banish negative influences, stop harmful thoughts or activity.

I hope you all find this useful.