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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Soul Mate FAQ

Soul Mate FAQ

Hey everyone! 
I get a lot of good questions about soul mates since it is one of my areas of specialty! 
I also have a few questions I WISH people would ask me! So I have decided to make a 
FAQ blog here about Soul Mates. 

Question: Can I have more than one soul mate?

Answer: YES! We can have many more than one soul mate in our lifetime! 

Question: Are there different kinds of soul mates?

Answer: Indeed! We can have romantic soul mates, soul mates that are here to help us learn or grow, soul mates that are here to save our life in a literal or even figurative way, soul mates that we love dearly and some that drive us simply mad! Soul mates can be same gender or opposite gender and are definitely not always a romantic connection.

Question: Are soul mate relationships supposed to be easy are they hard? My soul mate is a very challenging situation and I just thought it would be different. 

Answer: You are not alone! Sometimes the movies give us the wrong idea about soul mates. I wish it were as lovely as the media portrays it! However even a romantic soul mate can, and more often than not, is a huge challenge for us. There are reasons for this. We are here to learn and help each other and at times even a challenge can bring out a positive end result. I suggest you get a soul mate reading to find out what your soul mate path is for, and why it is the challenge it is for you. I assure you that you will be very enlightened by your reading! You may not hear what you WANT to hear but you WILL hear what you NEED to.

Question: I am sure I am with my soul mate now. Will it be forever?

Answer: It may and you should assume it will be. Why be defeatist? Be in the moment and live your life as if this is the most wonderful moment, day, week etc.. If you love this person and you know they love you then that is beautiful! Don’t worry just because you have been told that you have many soul mates that this means you have not met THE ONE! Certainly you have to give as much as you want to get back but the other soul mates to come into your life could be a child, a friend or anyone! Yes it could be that later in life you end up alone for a myriad of reasons and sure then looking into that new soul mate would come up. For now if you are in love and happy and full of joy then enjoy your partner and do not worry if you are missing something or someone else! 

Question: How can I find my soul mate?

Answer: This is a very popular question! You don’t go out looking for him or her. It just happens! To give predictions on when you will find your soul mate is like looking for a needle in a hay stack! When I get requests to do readings on “when will I find my soul mate?” I will try to convert the clients thought process and ask them to get a reading on themselves! Usually when you are not attracting love to you there is some deeper reason. I do not want to make anything feel there is anything “wrong” with them. It may be something very simple such as not using the Laws of Attraction, which I then will teach that person. It could be they are still caught up in a past relationship, no closure, feelings of loss, thoughts of not being good enough etc.. The key element to attracting thus finding that special person is not in where to go to meet them, when they will appear or what they look like. It is in asking yourself what you need to do right now in your own path to be sure you are the happiest YOU that you can be! Some things are really not meant for us to know in advance and asking what his or her name is going to be, where you will meet them, what they will look like etc. focus your energy where it simply does not spiritually belong! I prefer to work on the individual path of the client and hope they then they will see they attract not just one but many soul mates who will enrich their lives and not MAKE them happy but be happy with them! 

Considering the above question which is very popular, I wanted to add this question that comes up often with it:

Question: What is the name of my soul mate?

Answer: Usually when someone asks this question what they really want to know is if the psychic will come up with the name of the person they are with. It is an indirect way of asking “is the person I am currently with my soul mate?” 

Sure at times when the guides allow I can come up with exact names or very close name sounds but this is not an easy task nor is it spiritually correct to ask. By telling a client too much info sometimes we limit their own spiritual path and in effect ruin the chances of them even meeting the right soul mate at the right time. 
If I were to tell you that you will meet a soul mate that is named Connor then that is what you are going to look for. You could meet Kerry but because they are not named Conner you may then chose to totally pass this person by! I would not want that to happen because the universe will send us the soul mate we need to be with at any given time because of the situations, elements, lessons, pathways, and experiences we need at that given time. Not because I as a psychic say a specific name! Perhaps I am dead on and you WILL in fact meet a soul mate named Conner at some point and time or maybe you were going to but the universe decided because you changed your path that a different soul mate was better for you now. I cant play God nor will I. If you want to know you may ask and if the guides are willing I will respond but this question overall is playing with fire, so if you ask you do so knowingly because I for one will let you know it is a very touchy topic and a very questionable question to ask! 

Question: What exactly IS a soul mate?

Answer: Maybe I should have put this one first but it is really important to remember if you do not remember anything else in this blog post, so I have decided to put it last on the list.

A soul mate is anyone, any gender, who touches your life in a way that you learn and grown from.
It may be blissful and beautiful. It may be mellow and easy going. It may be amazing and full of wonder. It may be challenging and caustic. It may be fun. It may be horrific. Yes even horrific! Soul mates are not like you see on TV. They are everything you can imagine but they are in our lives for a reason. They are here to help us as a soul grow and develop. Here to teach us, or for us to teach them but usually it is a two way street. We are talking about something very spiritual here, not a sugar coated fairy tale! We are talking about the development of the soul, not the body in human form. We are talking about something that we carry with us through death and back into life via reincarnation. If you do not believe in reincarnation that is fine. I am certainly not one to shove my ideas down someone’s throat! However soul mates can not be soul mates if you do not subscribe to the belief of reincarnation. So a soul mate can be anyone, at any place, at any time. This does not mean everyone you come across is a soul mate. 

A soul mate touches you deeper than on the surface level. A soul mate is someone who is profound in your life for a specific reason. A soul mate is a wonderful and beautiful thing, even if that soul mate drives you bonkers or hurts you. You have to go beyond the human ego and pride and me me me thought process. You have to look deep into your soul, your path and your growth and ask yourself. Who in my life has touched my soul? Who has helped me in a great way. Who has profoundly hurt me? How did I develop as a person and thus a soul from the experience? In doing this you will be able to look back into your past and find your soul mates you have come into contact with. And also help to identify what soul mates you have around you now and those to come! 

I am always pleased to discuss via liveperson email about soul mates or do soul mate email or live chat readings. 


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  1. Dear Azzi, You have really answered lots of my questions here. A very insightful summarization on the soul mates topic.


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