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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Difference Between Neediness and Vulnerability by Niloofar Shahmohammadi M.A.

This is a MUST watch video by my friend Niloofar Shahmohammadi M.A. regarding the difference between Neediness and Vulnerability.

 Such an empowering and informative video that I feel everyone needs to watch. It is, in my opinion, especially important to learn the difference at an early age so please share with the younger people in your life as well.

Thank you Niloofar for allowing me to share this with my readers! 

Please visit Niloo's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/niloocoaching


Monday, January 13, 2014

Energy Work Versus Spell Casting

Energy Work Versus Spell Casting

A recent conversation with a friend / client of mine brought me to a realization. 
There may be some confusion between energy work and spell casting.
Now the confusion was not necessarily about the difference between the two types of service but rather what type of personal involvement the client should have while the services are being performed for them.
This friend has a pretty solid understanding of spiritual matters so if this person could be confused then clearly many others could be as well. 
So due to this I am writing a post to clear up any confusion and help educate others, since I myself was educated in the course of this conversation with how I could be more clear for my clients. 

So energy work is something that is done to clear a person of blocked energy, clear the path for positive and productive energy flow, to heal, help, or even maintain positive energy, health, and well being. We know that spell work is to bring about a desired result, be that in one’s career path, love, friends, family, etc and so on. Those are the shortened versions of each type of service. Granted I could go into much greater detail but for the purpose and point of this article I kept it short because we go into this article with the assumption you already know what each service is, but need to know what your involvement will be in the process.

With casting - because we are asking the universe to assist us on a matter and that is no small ordeal, we must put far more of ourselves into it. That means you, as a client, will have to do work. For some the “work” involved is more than others, depending on what it is you are having casting done for. Some clients may only be required to burn a candle, while others may have to do multiple projects, from journaling and logging, or an action of some kind, halting communication, increasing communication, a different type of communication, creating vision boards, meditation, and so on. While with energy work the same is also true but generally not as much will be asked of you as it will be for casting. 

I found that I had used a term with my friend / client that I probably should not have used. That term was “passive” I told this person that the work involved with energy work was more passive than that with casting. That is not really the truth or at least not the best way to say it. Passive is what one perceives it to be. Both energy work and casting require SOMETHING from you as the client, something of your own energy to manifest the change you desire. Now as a whole, in my experience I have found that with energy work the projects or involvement of the client seems less difficult because nine times out of ten only one project, or reflection, or duty needs to take place before we can move onto the next level of the work we need to do whereas with casting, we have this ongoing always changing evolution in which new projects or new “rules” get applied sometimes daily depending on the direction things are headed. When we involve the universe we have to roll with the flow and be more adaptable. When we are working on energy it is far more direct and the only person who can really get in the way of progress is the client themselves. Not to fault the client, I mean working on self is no easy task and I commend anyone who is trying to better themselves! Fact is if more people worked on their own energy fewer people would have to resort to casting! Neither is a bad thing but energy work is much more direct and to the point and “easier” in the sense that there are not as many projects but there will be one or two along the way. Energy work  is more “passive” in the sense that I do 90% of the work for you but that 10% you will have to do is going to be far more difficult or time consuming. Then again difficult or time consuming is subject to perception as well. 

Now we unlock yet another confusing area. When communicating with my friend / client I said, (this is directly from my email to this person) 

“Plus with energy work we won't know until we have started the process WHAT needs to be done because we are uncovering the energy blocks as we go along whereas with spell casting we know our INTENT before we begin and we already have generally done readings on the energy thus know what type of participation is needed before going in. 
Thank you! I will be sure to make a post on this and be sure to explain each time I take on a new client.”

Okay so here I am writing this post and already realizing what I said to this client is also sort of confusing. Yes what I said it is true at it’s core, but as we look deeper even with casting, even with knowing our Intent going in, even with having knowledge before hand we do not control the universe nor do we control the reactions that can open up once the casting is set into motion! Even with casting we are evolving, having to (as I stated above) be more flexible! Just like energy work as we uncover the blockages we can find a new project or new way of looking at things will help not only clear the current energy but keep it open and free from future blockages. 

So what IS the end result? The end result is that both casting and energy work can be quite involved both for me and for the client. Both have equal potential for the necessity to be adaptable, to change, to have to put in your own time, energy, an effort to the cause and outcome. Regardless of wether we are doing energy work to directly assist you in being a stronger, healthier, better person, or if we are asking the universe to come to our aid in a situation currently in our lives, we must be willing and open to taking heed to the projects, the tests, the requirements, the lessons, and the procedure of both. 

I will no longer say that one or the other is more “passive” or involves less commitment or time of the client because in reality it is not for me to say what that means to any person other than myself. 

A big thank you to my friend / client for bringing this to my awareness, we are never too old or too experienced to learn something new. 

Much love, 

Azzrian Visions Your Spiritual Advocate! 
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Full Wolf Moon

On January 15th we will have a full moon. It is known as the Full Wolf moon because Native American tribes would hear the hungry wolf howl at the full moon in the depths of the cold wintery snow. In some tribes this same moon was called the Snow Moon, or Old Moon, or simply The Moon after Yule. 

Full moons are always wonderful times for casting, or setting intentions for the coming month. I have always offered full moon energy work, casting, and intentions, however this year I wanted to give a little background on the moon as well while doing so. 

It isn't much but it is nice to have a little history to increase our knowledge of what each moon can do for us! 

Any full moon is a good time to ask for love, romance, fertility, increase in one's psychic abilities, or clarity. It is a good time to ask for guidance on making decisions, and for healing.

With the Wolf Moon this month it is a wonderful time to consider the past, what one has suffered or endured, what one has been through over the "harsh winter" and ask yourself what you truly need to survive and be happy. This may not be a "what you want situation", but rather a "what will sustain you" one.

So if you are interested in any spell work, healing work, or manifestation work this month try to consider the best way to work with the moon's power, what it can assist you most with and aim your goals for a spell, or manifestation, or healing that is within those parameters. 

Full moon work this month will take place on the wee hours of the 15th between 3am and 5am. 

Full moon work is 50.00 per request and you can find the drop down menu titled "Energy Work Sessions and Casting" here: http://www.azzrian.com/Services_and_Fees.html please select "Full Moon Casting" 

Or try doing a little moon manifestation of your own! 

May the light of the full moon empower you! 

Azzrian Visions Your Spiritual Advocate! 
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Readings via Chat or Email
Specializing in Soul Mates, Past Lives, Psychic Profiling, and Remote Viewing.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Manifesting Intentions

Manifesting Intentions

If you go to bed on Monday night dreading what you have to do on Tuesday then you have just set your intentions to have a bad day on Tuesday regardless of what happens. You could wake up Tuesday morning, go into work and find out that you got that long awaited raise and sure you will be happy about THAT but you will find something else to “go wrong” or be dissatisfied with as you already determined that Tuesday was going to be dreadful. The opposite is also true, you can go to bed feeling great and thinking that you are totally looking forward to Tuesday, go into work, and find out you were overlooked for a promotion, but because you set your tone the previous night to believe Tuesday was going to be good, it will be good. Perhaps nothing good comes along to make up for the lack of a promotion, or maybe something does, but either way your energy is already predetermined to have a good day therefore even the bad stuff that happens won’t hit you square in the face as hard as it would have had you not set your intentions to have a good day! You will find that by setting your intentions before hand to manifest a good day your energy will be lighter from the get go and even if you are exhausted, or even if people pile loads of work on you, and even if you get some disappointing news, your energy will carry you through and you will feel better than you would have if you manifest a bad day. 

See how easy it is! Change your mind, change your outlook, change your outcome! 

The cool thing about this is its like exercise, or having a healthy eating pattern in your life, it builds and continues to develop into something more and more positive as time goes on! The longer you do this, the better you will feel overall, and the more positive days you will have before you! 

No this won’t keep “life things” from happening, loved ones will still have hard days, someone you have known for years may still pass away, you may still get a bad grade on a term paper, you may still not win the heart of the man of your dreams but your recovery time in hard times will be so much faster when you are nurturing your soul, just like a healthy person will heal faster from a surgery than a person who has not taken care of their body! 

So take care of yourself and start manifesting good things, good intentions, and have good days! 


Monday, January 6, 2014

My Services and the Boundaries

With a new year before us I wanted to write a post about the different types of readings that I offer, and how you as a client should look at your readings, not just with me but with any advisor. While I offer many different services I want to discuss the main three services that my clients generally ask for and some boundaries that I have to point out. 

Psychic Readings 

Spiritual Advising  


Energy work and Spell Casting 

Please do not get offended by the context of this post. This is not being written due to any one specific client. This is an accumulation of 10 years working online and finding that I need to practice what I teach and set some boundaries. Now if the shoe fits, by all means please wear it. I do not have “favorite clients” each and every one of you matter to me! Each and every one of you have helped my business grow over the years and I am thankful for you and for that. I have become very close to some of you as friends, however business is business and as a business person with ethics I do not believe it is fair to treat some more special than others in my business work. So with that we have the following: 

There is a time and a place for all three services. There are times in your life where you may feel that you are ready for one or need one but before you click the buy it now button consider the following:

Psychic Reading - A psychic reading will give you predictions when possible, timelines for predictions, and answers to your questions, doubts, fears etc. Sometimes within that reading you will also need or ask for some spiritual guidance or advice. This is perfectly fine within the context of the reading and follow up to a reading. This type of session can be done via chat or email. These sessions are best for getting information you need in order to make decisions in your life in the now, however, if you find that you are needing spiritual guidance and advice on an on-going basis, emailing your psychic advisor several times a day or week you should consider spiritual advising. Psychic readings do not come with unlimited follow up questions. Please include all follow up questions to one email and please really think about your questions before hand. Most follow up questions are already answered in the reading you just need to soak it all in and read it more than once. Often times I receive follow up questions within 5 minutes of sending a reading. There is no way a client can truly absorb the reading itself within 5 minutes. It takes longer than that to throughly read one of my detailed email readings. So please do not do a scan of a reading but really let it set in then send your follow up. This is why I allow three to five days for follow up questions to be mailed to me. Remember a reading is a reading, not counseling, nor spiritual advising, you request a reading, I perform that reading, you get a free follow up email. Sending blanket emails for weeks after is not included in your email reading. This takes time away from my ability to focus on other clients readings and have a life of my own. I am sorry if this sounds rude, but often I have found that I am being blast emailed to respond to multiple “follow up” emails and being stalked on my personal facebook page when I am simply, like anyone else, attempting to relax. If you are a friend on facebook but also a client please respect those boundaries. I do not do spiritual work on or via facebook. 

Spiritual Advising - This is a service that is geared more toward finding your own personal happiness, well being, and spiritual enlightenment. Much like a therapy session or advice session. You can lean on your advisor for assistance in getting your path balanced and healthy. These types of sessions are best done via chat versus email  unless you want to purchase a package that includes the ability to email your advisor on a daily basis. Buying a package like this however is more expensive so you will want to consider just how often you feel you will need your advisor, which is based on how complex your issues are at the time, and how much support you feel you need. This is an excellent service to consider if you feel that you are getting answers but need support putting them into action. Spiritual advising is best purchased using the drop down menu on my website titled Unlimited and Bundled Packages. Feel free to email me for more information on these packages and how you can use them for Spiritual Advising and Psychic Readings combined. More information on these package are also located on my website under the drop down menus. 

Energy work and Spell Casting - This is the trickiest of areas to discuss. Each person’s needs are so different. The one thing I want to emphasize the most is that if you are not ready to work on self, do the needed projects, and make necessary transitions and life changes, then please do not request energy work or spell casting. This is a last resort type of service, and you should always work on self before getting involved in spell casting because if you do not, you may find that no amount of casting is going to assist you. Spell casting is not like in the movies, it is not about casting a magic wand or having your caster simply chant from a book of shadows and suddenly life is better. You MUST be fully engaged, fully ready to open yourself up to anything the universe has ready for you to discover. You must be ready to follow directions from the guides, take action, and improve yourself so that you will be granted what you wish for. Sometimes even when you do everything that is asked you may find that the timing is not working perfectly for you. This can mean that there is still more “YOU” work to be done and that is fine we can deal with that as long as  you have been active working on your own path. Sometimes a client can be late getting started on their own work that needs to be done to solidify their casting outcome. When we put things off or lay it aside for some unspecified date then we also in return get a delayed outcome on the casting and sometimes we get no results at all. The moral of this lecture is, don’t ask for what you are not personally ready to take accountability for. 

In the past I used to do “pre-screenings” (readings) on clients to determine if they are ready for the spell casting request they were asking for. Originally I did this via a paid email reading session. I found most clients did not want to pay for a reading and then “have” to pay for the casting if I found that they were ready. And often times, when I found that they were not ready, the client would feel “cheated” of paying for a service that they were sure would clear them for spell casting take off only to be told that I refused to cast for them. Due to this I began to do these screenings for free, but often times that resulted in the client still being disappointed that I would not cast for them when I was giving a reading (my time and energy) for free. These clients usually do not come back for other services. When I would cast for the clients I found that they often became lazy in doing the work needed to get the results they wanted as I was the only person invested in the outcome of the casting because the clients were not fully aware of the expectations upon them for the result. Trust me, I am pretty clear. Those of you who get readings from me know that I do not pull punches when it comes to telling you what you need to do to clear your own path. Granted there was a monetary investment from clients for the casting itself but even with as much knowledge we have these days on the Internet and from me, regarding spell casting and how it works, people still want to think that as long as someone is doing spell work for them, they can sit back and relax. That is not the case. Then I began to realize that clients are adults who need to be responsible for their own choices, accountable for putting as much into their own healing, casting, energy work, etc as I was for them. This is where we are today. If you have received casting from me as of late then you have been told that you will be expected to do some work. One of the most common questions I get as a spell caster is “how sure are you that this will work?” I am as sure as you are! If you do not feel it will work then ask yourself WHY! If you have been told in readings to do something and have failed to do so then there is your answer. If you are not working to make your own energy the best it can be, your own life situation as balanced as can be, if you are not being honest with yourself about what you are doing, or can do within the timeline of the spell itself then you can’t expect the spell to work. The same goes for energy work for that matter. 

With energy work there are often times things that the guides ask for you to do, an “assignment” or “project” just like before going into surgery on your body you may have to fast, or lose weight, or diet properly, or exercise, or rest, etc and so on. You cannot ask your surgeon to do an invasive surgery without being self prepared. You also should not ask your advisor to do invasive energy work on you if you are not ready to take on your share of the responsibility for your own energy. Making excuses, saying “I will get around to it” is not going to get you the results you want, need, or deserve. It will also make you an unhappy client which is unfair to your energy worker as much as it is unfair to yourself. Yes I can align chakras, I can give you a boost, I can clear your energy of unwanted clutter, but if you are told by my guides to do something before, during or after your energy work and you don’t want to do it, put it off, or fail to do it at all, please do not come back to me saying it didn’t work. You already know why. Think about it. All the meditating self help book reading, and proper breathing in the world will not get up and DO the things you need to DO for you. Just do what needs to be done and your energy work will see you through. Yes it is a chicken or the egg scenario and energy work can and will give you the initial boost you need to begin, but not if you come into it with an attitude of resistance. 
Yes this has been a bit of a vent, close to a rant, but it needs to be said, not only for me but for all the others who are trying to help people better themselves. There is still a lot of doubt out there about the truth behind energy work, spell casting, reiki healing, chakra alignment etc and so on and there are those who know its benefits who have used it properly. It becomes difficult to dispel doubt but only in those who do not work the system that is trying so hard to work for them. 

Granted I too have an accountability in the work that I do. Never will I pass the buck if something I do for you is not working, did not result in the expectations you have if and when you do everything requested of you. And yes over the past 10 years working online and before that the past 20 working locally I have made some refunds for work that I took on thinking that the person was ready when they were not. I have taken accountability for that in the past when I was doing pre-screenings and did not see something I should have seen. To date however I am even more aware of what things can keep the results from coming to pass. I am good about telling clients what they need to do before, during, and post casting or energy work. I will truthfully say to you, all of you reading this, that my percentage of successful casting and energy work is a solid 95% however if you are part of that 5% that things are not working for - please ask yourself how many times I have suggested that you do something to improve your path and you have set it aside or not done it at all. Made excuses for it, even some who have doubted the very thing they have asked for. I am sure a few of you are sitting there wondering if I am writing this to you or for you. I am writing this as I said because of a collective whole over the years. I am fairly descriptive as well so again if the shoe fits yes please wear it. 

 You do not need to write me asking if I was talking about you or to you because if you feel the need to send me that email - then I probably am. For those of you who the shoe does not fit do not judge the others as with todays “enlightenment phase” it is easy to get stuck in the mind set that the magic wand can be waved and all will be well. This is due to unethical “spiritualists” and psychics out there for the most part, and misleading self help books and some posts on the internet causing people to believe false claims. We are all googling things daily and we tend to be trusting people who want to believe what we read from “specialists”. Just remember not everything you see on the Internet is true! Those who are not working their path may have a reason for not doing so, and sometimes energy work and casting won’t work simply because it is not supposed to, because the universe has another plan for that person. 

If you are reading this feeling bad or guilty and that my finger is pointing at you I want you to know I am not angry with you, none of you, I am not frustrated or going to stop helping you but please know that I cannot answer random emails every day unless you have paid for a session. Please know that I have a life outside of what I do, although what I do is a part of my life, if I am on Facebook that means I am taking some ME time and that may even be if you have paid for a service - I am human too and need some time now and then to “decompress”, or say hi to fiends, some of which may even be YOU, or play a game of bejeweled or stalk my kids posts! If you have emailed me and it is not a follow up - a legitimate one - to a reading, or you have not recently requested a new service and are waiting to hear back from me as to when it will be done (this should not happen as I always reply to a paid session even if I am away from home with a response to when you should receive your reading) then please, be patient I will get back to you but it may not be as quickly as I would reply to you if you had follow up to your reading, or are requesting a new service. That may sound like I only place importance on those who are paying but my business life is business and it is only fair that if a person has paid for a service that they GET service. Everyone who knows me knows I do reply to ALL email inquires and am quite generous with my time in helping you on your paths even weeks after a reading I will respond without a payment for a service. I LOVE updates from clients, and I care about your progress but please don’t try to sneak a question that is obviously a reading question in with an email saying “Hi just wanted to update you”. That is rude and it always humors me when people do this because if I can’t see through that then why would that person even trust me to do a reading for them. Yes I have catered to this behavior in the past especially for long time clients but its a new year and I have a new way. Those emails will not get replies. 

So for those of you who are PREVIOUS CLIENTS ONLY,  and have tolerated this post feel free to let me know you read it by sending me one question that I am happy to answer for FREE as a happy new year gift. Oh, but please be respectful that it is ONE question and not one sentence with five questions loaded into it. :)

Thank you and I hope your new year is going well so far! 



Sunday, January 5, 2014

Changes to Reading Structure and Fees

Please note that as of today I will no longer be doing any discounted readings.
I know many of you like the "follow up" readings that I sometimes have offered at 45.00 however I am no longer able to offer these. 
My fees are on my website at www.azzrian.com where you may also purchase your readings and services. My fees are also posted here on the blog but unfortunately you can no longer purchase from the blog itself. 
There are many reasons that I will no longer be offering the discounted "follow up" readings so I will not get into it on here.
I do wish each and every one of you a healthy and happy 2014.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Mirroring Energy

A client just asked me a good question so I though I would post my reply to her right here on my blog to share with others who also may want to know. This breaks it down in a simplified manner but it is a good place to start in order to begin to understand what mirroring energy is. 

Mirroring energy is a psychic flow of energy between two people. 
It is common in soul mates or any two people who are very connected. 
Non soul mate husbands and wives or long term couples can often develop this ability over time.
It is common also for mother's to feel it with their children.
Mirroring occurs in many states from a waking state, to dream state, or out of body state. 
Mirroring can be positive or negative depending on the type of energy being reflected to or from the individuals.
Mirroring energy happens when one of the two people feel something very strongly and deflect that energy onto the other person.
The second person then receives that energy and absorbs it and then reacts to it - positive or negative and then bounces it - or reflects it back to the sender. 
What ends up happening often times is this energy then ping pongs back and forth from one to the other person. 
This can cause happy feelings or bad feelings depending on the original energy sent and the interpretation of each person as the energy goes back and forth.
As you can imagine - this means that each time an energy goes one way then the other and an interpretation is made on the energy mixed feelings can occur, and confusion can also set in. 
This is when things can go wrong, or become negative.
Or when the interpretation is positive then positive energy is reflected back and forth. 
This creates more positive vibes between the two people.
Sometimes the feelings and thoughts are not intended to be negative but feel that way.
For example - a mother sensing and feeling her child's safety is in danger. 
That is obviously a negative energy coming from her child to her! 
Her interpretation is that something is wrong! 
It is a correct interpretation! 
Another example:
Lets say a guy is having doubts about his feelings for a woman, but these doubts are only doubts NOT decisions and NOT conclusions, just a person wondering, thinking, considering. That is fair right? We all have the free right to think about our feelings and we should! 
But the other person feels something negative of that due to their over reaction or interpretation. 
Out of fear that second person bounces or reflects back a negative feeling, energy, or vibe to the first and this is when chaos can occur.
This is all about manifestation and keeping our own energy light, to ourselves, and not making assumptions, or jumping to conclusions.
We all do this both in the negative and positive in day to day life but not on as deep of a level.
With psychic soul connected mirroring it becomes amplified and intense.

For the record there are other ways that psychics and spiritual healers can use mirroring but this is again just a basic outline to help further your own understanding. 


Sunday, November 24, 2013

2014 Forecast Readings Now Available

I am now taking requests for 2014 Forecast Readings.
A Forecast Reading is a reading that gives an overall view of the year ahead.

Your reading will contain a synopsis of each month in the year 2014.
By "synopsis", I mean anywhere from one to five paragraphs, depending on information received from my guides.

This reading will give you a heads up on your over all energy, energy around you that you may want to be aware of. Red flags in regards to how you will function at work, with family, and business.
Also this reading will highly positive times for change, to take action, when to back away from certain activities, and more!

Those who have got forecast readings from me in the past have reported to the accuracy of them.
This is not the type of reading where you can ask specific questions, such as where I see a particular relationship heading, however there may very well be some timelines pinpointed regarding personal relationships.

A Forecast Reading is to be used as a tool to make the best decisions for your energy in the year ahead, and to avoid pitfalls that may be lurking.

If you have any questions about this type of reading feel free to email me at azzrian@cox.net

If you would like to order your reading right now please send payment of 200.00 to azzrian@cox.net via PayPal. PayPal does accept credit card payments and you do not have to have an account to use it.

Important Note on Forecast Readings:

Forecast Readings are done in order payment is received. Once I receive your payment I will let you know where you are at on the list and an approximate time that you can expect your reading to be delivered. I get a lot of requests for the Forecast Reading due to the accuracy and popularity of them so please be patient. I work fast and do as many as I can per day but I try not to do more than 3 per day as they take an excessive amount of energy and I only do these readings when my focus is clear. If I try to rush them they will not be as detailed or accurate.

I look forward to doing your 2014 Forecast Reading,



Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beautiful Feedback - Thank you Nancy!

A client of mine offered some feedback regarding my services and I just wanted to share this with you. This is truly a client who worked with me every step of the way. Her input, her focus on her own situation, and her dedication to her own path is what really made things work so wonderfully. 
I want to give her back as much credit as she has given to me! 

Here is her feedback:

From: Nancy
Azz has helped me with four castings. The first was a work related issue during the fall of 2010. That issue required a 7 night casting. It was completely successful (despite major issues) and it was fully resolved within 3 days post casting.  The remaining three castings were all relationship related and done between 2010 and 2013. (One has just been completed so we will await results). The other two were successful. The intention was met in both of them. Thinking back, what I requested did happen in one of them as I had stated. I probably should have thought about a different outcome as I got what I asked for, then didn't want it that way (ha ha). Bottom line, Azzrian gets results! I believe she is so successful because of several reasons: First of all, she knows all the intricate details of casting (how to utilize the lunar cycle, what to ask for, what not to ask for, how to word things appropriately, now not to cloud the intention with too many requests.) Secondly, she has a keen psychic insight to read people. She won't even do a casting or recommend it unless she firmly believes in the cause. In fact, she doesn't even bring up casting, you have to bring it up to her and then she will only do it in certain situations she feels it will work well for.  Thirdly, when you hire her do to a casting, you know it is actually being done (not like other casters I have heard of who just take your money and go to bed.)  Azz stays up late every night of a casting, night after night until it is completely done. She contacts you throughout the casting to give and receive updates.  She is a true professional! I highly recommend her.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

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